SUPERVISOR:          Teacher and Principal


PAYMENT RATE:    According to Educational Support Staff Salary Schedule



  1. High School diploma or equivalent.
  2. One of the following endorsements:
  1. Completed two years of study at an institution of higher education (48 college   hours)
  2. Have an associates or bachelors degree
  3. Demonstrate knowledge through formal assessment, (e.g. ParaPro Assessment (former assessment) or The Paraeducator Learning Network Assessment (current assessment)
  1. Maintain current TB testing as required by Health Department regulations (after

                 employment offer is made).



  1. Adapts classroom activities, assignments and/or materials under the direction of the supervising teacher for the purpose of supporting and reinforcing classroom objectives.
  2. Administers tests, homework, make-up work, etc. for the purpose of supporting teachers in the classroom.
  3. Assists medically fragile or physically disabled students for the purpose of maintaining students’ personal hygiene.
  4. Attends meetings and in-service presentations (e.g. first aid, CPR, emergency procedures, etc.) for the purpose of acquiring and/or conveying information relative to job functions.
  5. Communicates with supervising instructional staff, professional support personnel, and parents for the purpose of assisting in evaluating progress and/or implementing IEP objectives.
  6. Implements, under the supervision of assigned teacher, behavioral plans designed by IEP team for students with behavior disorders or other special conditions for the purpose of presenting and/or reinforcing learning concepts.
  7. Maintains instructional materials and/or manual and electronic files/records for the purpose of facilitating instruction; recording student information; and/or meeting mandated requirements.
  8. Monitors students during assigned periods within a variety of school environments (e.g. restrooms, playgrounds, hallways, bus loading zones, cafeteria, parking lots, etc.) for the purpose of maintaining a safe and positive learning environment.
  9. Provides, under the supervision of assigned teacher, instruction to students in a variety of individual and group activities (e.g. academic subjects, social skills, daily living skills, etc.) for the purpose of reinforcing instructional objectives; implementing IEP plans; and ensuring students’ success in school.
  10. Demonstrates dependability, promptness, and regular attendance in order to establish consistent routines, promote teamwork, and guarantee instructional continuity.
  11. Maintains a high level of confidentiality regarding student and staff information in order to remain in compliance with legal requirements and to maintain a professional working environment.
  12. Performs other related duties as assigned for the purpose of ensuring the efficient and effective functioning of the work unit.PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS/ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS:            2. Ability to move, lift, pull or push objects.     numerous interruptions.TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:             Performance effectiveness evaluated in accordance with Kansas Statutes and Board of   
  15. APPROVED: 02/19/2008
  16.             Education Policy.
  18.             At will
  20. 3. Remains attentive to students while working in noisy, crowded environments with
  21.             1. Demonstrates required mobility, agility and dexterity to work with students.